IJRET Vol. 4, No. 1, 2016 ISSN 2277-4378

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1The Effect of Privatization on Employees, (A case study of Agricultural Government Schemes in River Nile State, Sudan)
    Mutasim Ali, and Ali Salih
    2Verification of Excel-Thermax for the Analyses of Steam-Injection Gas Turbine Cycle
    Mohamed M. El-Awad, and Mohammed. S. Al-Saidi
    3Monitoring and Controlling of Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Information in Food, Pharmaceutical and Material Stores Using Wireless Sensor Networks
    Murat DENER
    4Sharing of Color and Infrared Temperature Data Using Wireless Sensor Networks
    Murat DENER
    5Implementation of Low Cost and Harmonics True Sine Wave Power Inverter Based on Experimental Analysis
    Mustafa Sacid ENDİZ, and Mustafa YAĞCI
    6Case Study of a Simulation Based Lab Scaled Test Bench with different Load Scenarios
    Arsalan Haider, Mohammad Faisal Haider, Tehsin Nawaz, Rehan Shaukat, Mubashir Naseem, and Aftab-ul-Haq
    7A Comparative Performance Analysis between Model Based and Non-Model Based Control Techniques
    Arsalan Haider, Mohammad Hamza Tariq, Abdul Qadeer, Muhammad Mustafa, and Muhammad Irfan
    8A Model of a Proactive Ambient Assisted Living System to Monitor Elderly People in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabian
    Majid H.Alsulami, and Anthony S. Atkins
    9Optimizing of the Public Transportation for Series DC Motor Driven Trams by using PLC Controlled System
    Muciz ÖZCAN, Mustafa YAĞCI, and Mustafa Sacid ENDİZ
    10Sentiment Analysis Tool for Daily Speech Turkish Texts
    İlkay Yelmen, and Metin Zontul
    11Design of MQTT based Smart Dairy System
    Jae-Gu. Lee, Mi-Ae. Kang, Sang-Hoon. Lee, and Pil-Kyo. Hur