IJRET Vol. 2, No. 3, 2013 ISSN 2277-4378

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Study on Impact strength of Untreated and Alkali treated Napier grass fiber strands reinforced Epoxy composites
    Venkata Parasuram Kommula, Obi Reddy Kanchireddy, Mukul Shukla, Tshilidzi Marwala
    2Automated Mine Optimization System for Diamond Mines
    Xiaowei. Pan
    3South Africa Lumpy Chrome Ores on Ferrochrome Production
    Xiaowei. Pan
    4Vanadium Carbide Layer Formed on Steel Surface in Molten Slag
    Xiaowei. Pan
    5Low Cost Traction Control System for Two Wheeler
    Jagannath Korody, S.S.Sharma, Chandrashekar Bhat, Achutha Kini, and Prannoy Prakash
    6Improvement in Mechanical Properties of AISI 4147 Spring Steel through Heat Treatment Technique
    S. S. Sharma, K. Jagannath, C.Bhat, U. Achutha Kini, P. R. Prabhu, Jayashree P. K and Gowrishankar M. C
    7Effect of Ethyl-2-phenyl-hydrozono-3-oxobutyrate on the Corrosion inhibition of AA 6061 in HCl medium
    U Achutha Kini, Jagannath K, S S Sharma, C Bhat, Prakash Shetty, S Divakar Shetty