IJRET Vol. 2, No. 4, 2013 ISSN 2277-4378

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Fast Lane Detection Based on the B-Spline Fitting
    Jiayong Deng, Junghu Kim, HyunChul Sin, and Youngjoon Han
    2Predicting Osteoarthosis Disease Stages Using Imaging Technique
    G. Hari Krishnan, Dr R. Anandanatarajan and Dr. Anima Nanda
    3Characterization and Variational of Segmentation Methods by Euclidean Distant Model Using Optical Coherent Tomography Image
    G Mohandass, and Dr. R. Anandanatarajan
    4Exploiting the RGB Intensity Values to Implement a Novel Dynamic Steganography Scheme
    Surbhi Gupta and Parvinder S. Sandhu
    5Document Forgery: The State of Art
    Surbhi Gupta and Parvinder S. Sandhu
    6Performance Evaluation for Partial Response Maximum Likelihood Sequence Receiver of a Nonlinear Magnetic Recording Channel
    Tsai-Sheng Kao
    7Design of a Loop-Connected Converter Using Bidirectional Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converters
    Kei Eguchi, Sawai Pongswatd, Amphawan Julsereewong, and Hirofumi Sasaki
    8An AAM-based Face Shape Classification Method Used for Facial Expression Recognition
    Luning. Li , Jaehyun So, Hyun-Chool Shin, Youngjoon Han
    9Mitigation of Energy Crisis in Pakistan through Energy Conservation in Residential Sector
    Farooq Jan and Abdul. Mutalib
    10A Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm approach to Reactive Power and Voltage Control in Power System
    D.Godwin Immanuel and Dr. C.Christober Asir Rajan
    11A Comparison On Two Data Fusion Techniques For Estimation Of Width Using Pulse Echo Ultrasonic Technique
    Sujatha Kumaran, Dr.Sheela Rani.B and Kalyanasundaram.P
    12Numerical Simulation of Mixed Mode Crack Propagation in Quasi-Brittle Materials Using The Extended Finite Element Method
    Saeed Hatefi Ardakani, Soheil Mohammadi, and Iraj Mahmoudzadeh Kani
    13A study on the improvement of high efficiency blower with 17,000 rpm speed for industry application
    Joo-Han Kim, Jung-Moo Seo, and In Soung Jung
    14A Comparative Study of Transversely Isotropic Material Models for Prediction of Mechanical Behavior of the Aortic Valve Leaflet
    Shahrokh Shahi and Soheil Mohammadi